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Measure Your Space

Take measurements of your space and follow our measurement guide to draw your room. View the guide below for instructions.

Complete Form and Upload Files

Complete our brief room survey and upload your measurements drawing along with photos of your room.

Purchase your package

Complete the purchase of your 3D Room Designs. You will receive a confirmation and then your new room designs will arrive in 3-5 business days!

Measurement Guide

Room Survey

Complete the Room Survey and upload your measurements and room photos here.

Purchase room designs

Complete the purchase of your 3D Room Design Package Now!

room measurement guide

This step-by-step instruction guide will ensure that you get the right measurements and information we need to delivery the perfect room design!


Draw Room layout

Draw the floor plan of the room on plain white paper as if looking down from above.  Don’t worry, we aren’t judging your artistic ability!  We just need to see the shape of the room


Measure the room

Measure the full length and width of the room and record them on the drawing.  Be as precise as possible.


Windows, Doors, and Other Built-In Features

Measure all windows and doors in your space and also note which way the doors open.  Also measure any fireplace, built-in shelves or openings you have in the space.  Mark them on your drawing.


Outlet Locations

Mark all of your electrical outlet and cable outlet locations that are in the room.


ceiling height

Mark the ceiling height on your drawing.

Ready to go to the next level with your design?

We offer several design packages to choose from based on the level of design service you are looking for.  All of our services are tailored to each client to fit their specific project.  How can we help you achieve the home of your dreams?  Request a free consultation today to see how we can take you to the next level.